5 warning signs of age-related eye problems

Are older people more susceptible to age-related visual disturbances in winter? What are the main symptoms of eye health?

While we can all benefit from spending more time behind our eyes, eye health is a particularly important issue for older people. Learn more about preventing age-related eye diseases.

5 The most common age-related eye problems

“In the years after 1960,” according to the American Optometry Society, “many eye diseases can develop that can change your vision forever.” The sooner these problems are identified and corrected, the more likely you are to continue to see well.

Indeed, vision problems associated with age, including cataract and glaucoma, are becoming more and more common with age. Less serious eye problems, such as conjunctivitis and dry eyes, are also less common. Unfortunately, during the winter months, due to air recirculation from the radiator, dry eyes are often observed.

How can you tell if this is a normal case of dry eyes or a symptom of eye disease? First, know the most common problems with old eyes. But most of all:

“Make sure your eyes are checked every year,” says Lisa Weiss, OD, MEd, FCOVD, a doctor of optometry with the California Optometric Association. Early detection, she says, is the best way to prevent disease and minimize vision loss.

Old people’s poor eyesight can lead to many other complications:

Inability to drive, increased risk of falling, limited mobility, loss of independence, social withdrawal – which in turn can cause anxiety and depression. Dr Weiss also raises a less obvious but no less disturbing problem with the ability to solve fewer crosswords or other hobbies, depending on vision. “You can’t do what you want and it can get very, very difficult.” – It’s Weiss.

Dr. Weiss refers to the vision problems associated with a five-year-old, which are common in older people and can cause vision problems:


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