Couple Thought They Adopted a 6-Year-Old Child Until They Saw Her Strange Medical Records

It’s a story that came straight out of the movie. A couple adopts a baby just to find out it’s not a baby. When Christine and Michael Barnett tried to expand their family by adopting a child in need, they couldn’t expect it to lead to paranoia, fear for their lives and a long battle in court.

The Barnetts Were Great Parents to Their Three Sons


I’d like to introduce Christine and Michael Barnett. They lived with three children in Indianapolis. Apparently, they were good parents. In fact, a lot of people thought they were good parents. Their children were adults, and they seemed to put it all together.

Their son, Jake, was a prodigy. But it took a lot of work to figure it out. He was born with autism and developmental delay. Christine fought for him. And that level of support allowed Jake to thrive and achieve something his teachers couldn’t even imagine.

He Enrolled in College at 10

When Jake was young, he retreated into the shells. The doctors said he could never read or write or even tie his own shoes. Christine worked tirelessly to get him out. And it worked. When he was 10, he went to college with his amazing knowledge of math and science.

By the age of 12, Jake had already published his first scientific paper. His parents asked him about his extraordinary achievements. They showed up at 60 Minutes to talk about their experiences as parents. Christine even wrote a book for parents, “Spark: A Mother’s Story of Upinging, Genius and Autism.”


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