All You Need To Know About The Affenpinscher

Although the Affenpinscher is similar to the Terrier, it is in fact part of the Pinscher-Schnauzer breed, which completely influences its personality. Contrary to popular belief, the Terrier is not a very sociable dog and shows contempt for other animals, but the Affenpinscher is quite affectionate and very tolerant towards others. Originally this dog was used to remove vermin from a house, but nowadays it is used as a pet for adults. This article contains some information about this particular type of dog and examines its appearance, possible health problems and general personality.


This dog is a fairly small animal, measuring only 10 inches and weighing about 9 pounds. The Affenpinscher has a medium length coat and is available in different colours, the most common coat colour being black. The coat is usually shaggy and very coarse or stringy, giving the animal a “devil in the eye” look, but note that the facial hair is longer and makes a very cheeky impression. This dog has been described as a square dog with a square body and a very broad chest. The head has a pronounced square structure with a very short nose and straight crouching ears. The hair is often quite curly and only contributes to the tousled appearance.

Health Concerns

All animals are susceptible to health problems, and in the world of dogs, the purebred puppy has an even higher risk of health problems. Because of its short nose, the Affenpinscher can suffer from respiratory problems, especially in warm climates. In addition, their bones are quite weak, and this animal is prone to fractures and bone damage. This can be a problem, as the bone may not heal quickly and may have an abnormal shape after healing. This can contribute to the problem of hip dysplasia, a condition in which the femur bone does not adapt to the hip joint. Hip dysplasia can lead to arthritis and lameness.


To do justice to their cheeky appearance, Affenpinschers are hard-working, curious and active dogs. Although he wants to stay active and is quite sociable, this dog will not make a very good pet for young children. Despite their loving nature, Affenpinschers can become bossy when untrained, and they can be aggressive towards people who do not match their pack leader temperament.

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