Breed Rescues

This article gives you information about the rescue of breeds. Which race would you like to see? Any race. If you absolutely must bring a dog home, a breed rescue is the best way to do it.

I know that you tell yourself that you should never get rid of a dog because it is an obligation. This is true, but there are times when re-homing is the only option.

Very often dog owners ask me to help them find a good home for their dog and I always suggest that they save the breed. There is practically one organization for each breed and they are spread all over the United States.

Why am I so convinced of the benefits of breed rescue? Simply because they care about their specific breed and will do anything to save a dog. Sometimes they even travel hundreds of miles to pick up a dog or bring it to its new home forever.

Most of these groups, or at least those I have seen in action, are difficult to adopt a dog. In fact, some of my clients have told me that it is more difficult to adopt a dog than a child. Of course this is not true, but you understand what I mean.

It is the strict and detailed adoption guidelines that make breeding rescue so effective. They want to find a permanent home for every dog and they want it to fit well.

Of course there are almost always adoption fees. It is these fees that keep the organization alive by paying for food and veterinary care. I can assure you that there is no salvation that brings in a lot of money. In fact, most of them work with donations from people in the community who care for the child and their own volunteers.

So what do you think about a breed rescue for your dog? It is very simple. Go to Google and enter (breed) breed rescue in (your state). If you cannot find one in (your state), do the same for the states near you.

If your dog is not a purebred, but looks like a certain breed, they can also help you or at least give you advice where to put the dog.

I hope you will find this information useful if you ever need the services of a breed rescuer.

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