Creating A Calm Dog

The question always seems to be: How can I calm down my rabid dog? When I hear this question, I usually speak of a puppy or a younger dog. In this article I will discuss some things you can do to create a calm dog.

Creating a calm dog can sometimes be a difficult task. For those of you who have young dogs and do not understand what I am talking about because your dog has always been calm, you are one of the lucky few.


Let us start with the training. The ideal time to start training a dog is immediately. However, for the purposes of this article we will talk about when obedience training should start and that the magic number is 16 weeks (4 months). At this point in a puppy’s life, his mind is like a little sponge and he is ready to absorb anything you can teach him. The training establishes the relationship between the dog owner and the dog, teaches him what is right and wrong, and teaches him rules. It is the very first beginning of a happy, well-trained dog.


Young dogs are like children, they are full of energy. Your task will be to find ways to help your dog get rid of this extra energy. There are many ways to do this, so let’s first list a few and then we can talk about them individually.

  1. dog day care center
  2. walks
  3. retrieve games
  4. swimming

Let’s start with the dog day care. Simply said, it is BIG. Your dog can spend the whole day in a day care center, playing with other dogs and getting rid of his energy in a way you can never do. I think every town or village has one, and they are great. Give them a try.

Walking is another way to solve the problem of excess energy. But that means you have to take the time to do it. There is also the other question: Are you able to walk long enough to give your dog a proper training? If not, there is another possibility, namely the local dog walker. Ask your vet to recommend a good walker.

Recovery games are great because you can stand, throw a ball and let the dog do all the work. When your dog is ready to retrieve a ball or toy, try it.

And last but not least, you can swim. If you have a pool or even a lake or river, go swimming with your dog. Just like for humans, swimming is a great way to do low impact exercises that your dog will enjoy.

I hope that these ideas will give you new ways to move and stimulate your dog so that you have a comfortable and calm dog.

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