Dog Exercise Pens Are the Key to Harmonious Pet Living

The decision to adopt a dog into your life and your family’s life can change your life. Dogs, especially puppies, are used to taking control of your life! You have to walk them, clean them, and they will chew everything… everything.

Most of the bad behaviours they display can be easily trained and will disappear naturally once they are past the puppy stage. But in the meantime, they can be a hurricane through your house and apartment.

Dog training pens can be a very smart addition to your home if you are thinking about a dog or puppy. Basically, it’s a lightweight, portable structure to hold your dog. They’re not cages and they’re outside, but you should limit the time they spend in them – no dogs should be caged permanently or subject to restrictions.

Think about it, you have a brand new puppy that chews on your expensive couch every time you leave the room. Instead of waiting for your training to take effect and limit his behaviour, make him run while you’re away from him, so he still has plenty of room to move around, while keeping track of the destruction.

This can also be very useful for potty training. By placing a dog training pen in an area that is easy to clean (above the tiles or even with newspaper on the floor), you will prevent your dog from making a mess on your carpet. It is also helpful to train your dog to relieve himself in one place, not all over the place and everywhere!

Dog walkers can also give dogs a sense of territory and ownership; it’s their space. This allows you to avoid the all-too-frequent situation where the dog becomes the master of the house instead of you! As Caesar Milan, one of the world’s leading specialists in dog behavior, often says, it is very important that you are the dominant one in your relationship. It is not a question of creating a submissive dog, but simply of being considered the responsible one. If you give your dog his own little piece of territory, it helps.

Another great advantage can be to be visited by friends who have a natural fear of dogs. This fear is unfortunately very common and can usually be overcome through controlled interaction. If you have your new dog in a kennel from the start, your visitors can meet him or her without fear, which will help them bond without having to openly place them in a room with an animal that can be unpredictable for them.

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