Facts About The Curly Coated Retriever

One of the oldest dog breeds is the curly-haired retriever. Snails originated in Great Britain and were generally used as hunting dogs by English hunters and poachers. Their speed, intelligence and strength made them the ideal breed for hunting furry animals and birds over rough terrain in very cold climates. Today, they are not necessarily used as hunting dogs and many people keep them as pets. This article will provide information on the curly-haired retriever hunting dog by examining its appearance, health needs and personality.


The curly fur retriever is a fairly large dog with a short curly coat. Males measure about 27 inches and females about 25 inches. Although large, they don’t have a large mass and the heaviest weight a curly retriever could weigh is 70 pounds. This light weight has contributed greatly to the speed and dexterity of the animal.

As mentioned, this dog has a short, curly coat, which does not mean that his coat is coarse. The coat on the face and the front of the legs is fairly smooth and shiny if treated properly. It should be noted that snails are very sensitive to coat, which is a hereditary trait characterized by stripes and bald spots.

Health needs

The curly-haired retriever is generally a very healthy breed, but there are some cases where the dog may suffer from health complications, especially in purebred animals. Hip dysplasia is a hereditary disease that many retrievers struggle with. It occurs when the femur does not fit into the hip joint and can cause long-term pain and softness in the affected leg. Arthritis can also be felt and is associated with hip dysplasia.

Dysthychia or the presence of an extra row of eyelashes is a unique health need that occurs primarily in recipients. These eyelashes grow on the eye gland and can seriously irritate the eyeball. The long-term difficulties associated with this condition are visual impairment and, depending on the length of the eyelashes, blindness.


This recovering breed is a very lively and alert dog. Liveliness is not only a characteristic, but can be attributed to the fact that curly coated retrievers mature very slowly and are similar to puppies for a long time. This lively and spicy personality makes him the ideal family dog, especially in families with young children.

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