How to Maintain Complete Health of Your Dogs

Your decision to adopt puppies may have been made after noticing their innocent eyes, cute movements or jokes, or something like that. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: they adapt very quickly to any environment and any family. They do everything they can to make you welcome them as adorable new members in our families.

They offer you unconditional love, service and lifetime loyalty. So it goes without saying that it is a kind of blessing to own a dog as a permanent companion, and a true lifelong lover. They are special friends who will stay with you in moments of sadness and happiness. They repay the love and care of their owners millions of times over with constant love and service.

As an owner, you want your pet to always be healthy, happy, bark, wag its tail and live a life without illness. To achieve this, you need to take extra responsibility and precautions. Unfortunately, some people don’t assume their responsibilities and lose their pet friends early on. If you’re an avid pet lover, this little guide will help you keep your adorable dog healthy.

Let’s take a look at the key steps recommended by pet experts for the total well-being of dogs to their owners.

  1. Check the quality of the food

Premium quality foods are essential for growth, development and the creation of immunity in the body. Treats containing protein, fat, carbohydrates, fibre and vitamins in the right proportions should be given daily. The quality of the ingredients plays an important role in the health of pets. It is essential that pet owners check the ingredient label before buying treats at a pet store. Many dog food brands claim to be 100% safe and wholesome, but researchers have found harmful ingredients. You should avoid buying products with these ingredients:

  • Corn, soy, wheat, powdered cellulose, rice hulls and dried beet pulp.
  • Chicken, duck, beef and pork by-products.
  • Excess salt, colourings, additives and artificial sweeteners.
  • Chemical preservatives: BHA, BHT, propyl gallate, ethoxyquin, propylene glycol and TBHQ.

Some experts recommend using organic treats to avoid feeding animals harmful chemicals, while others prefer raw food for better health. Feeding dogs the right food will help prevent disease and lead a better life.

  1. Provide clean water

Dogs must be provided with clean, cold water on a daily basis. Water is useful for maintaining fluid balance and an imbalance of fluid creates disease in the body. It is useful to eliminate toxic substances from the body as in humans. As a prudent owner, monitor your dog’s water consumption regularly to avoid health complications.

  1. Regular physical exercise

As with humans, regular exercise is the secret to healthy dogs. The nature of exercise depends on breed, age, energy level and even medical history. Ask your veterinarian for advice on a personalized exercise program. Taking your dogs out for walks in the morning and evening will help burn excess calories to prevent diabetes and obesity.

  1. Mental Exercise

Dogs love to play, run, jump and hate boredom. Bored dogs exhibit undesirable behaviours such as constant barking, aggression, digging holes and more. Offer mental exercises to keep your dogs preoccupied and entertained. He’ll be happy to participate, which will make him smarter than before.

  1. Health check

Even if your dog is in good health, experts recommend having him examined every year. The health check helps to ensure that the animal is well and to control the development of deadly diseases in the body. Many diseases can remain hidden unless they become fatal to the animal. A health check helps to detect and treat these diseases at an early stage, thus saving lives. Vaccination is an important step in the fight against potentially fatal diseases in pets.

  1. Love and Care

Pets require love and care from their owners. Some dogs can remain unhappy because they do not receive adequate love and attention from their owners. As a responsible pet owner, make sure you spend some time with your dog to show him or her attention and affection. In fact, dogs deserve as much love and care as your family members. Give your dog a proper bath and feed him or her on time to ensure his or her health. In case of illness, be sure to take your pet to a better veterinarian for a quick recovery.

Treating sick animals takes time, money and is emotionally draining for owners. The best solution is to keep dogs healthy by providing them with the highest quality food and following a particular lifestyle, as recommended by experts.

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