Information About The English Cocker Spaniel

Most of us know a lot of facts about cocker spaniel, but not everyone knows the English cocker spaniel; in fact, many individuals don’t know that there are two types of cocker spaniels. This distinction between American and English cocker spaniels emerged in the mid-20th century and is due to their very different appearance. This article will provide information about the English cocker spaniel, discussing its appearance, health considerations, and personality in general.

The Appearance

Since the mid-20th century, the English spaniel has become even more diverse, making an obvious distinction between the traditional and English races. While the American spaniel has a longer coat with a slight swell, the English canine has a very short coat. Another determining characteristic is that the English breed has a much deeper chest and is closer to the ground, with very short legs; while the American spaniel is taller and has a wider chest.

The health factors

All purebred dogs are at risk for genetic health problems and the English cocker spaniel can have highly damaging conditions. A common condition among this breed is progressive atrophy of the retina, which can leave the dog blind or with vision problems. Juvenile kidney failure is another condition that can cause muscle weakness and renal failure. Finally, English cocker spaniels can suffer from progressive ear infections that can lead to hearing loss, particularly in multicolored canines. To ensure that your pet is not at risk for any of these problems, it is essential that the breeder provides you with a health guarantee on the puppies.

The Personality

Although it may not look like other Spaniards, the English cocker spaniel has the same pleasant disposition. This animal is very affectionate, cheerful and very dedicated to its owners. This spaniel is an excellent choice for a family pet, since the breed is very quiet and likes to play with children. This breed is also an excellent guard dog due to its alert nature and the need to defend its family.

Final words on the subject

It was observed that owning a dog can be very beneficial for all families; children can learn to be responsible by caring for and exercising the animal and older individuals will find comfort in the presence of the animal. Using the above information, you can make an informed decision about whether or not this breed is suitable for your specific needs.

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