Is a Bad Dog Bred or Born?

Is it fact or fiction that there are no bad dog breeds? Dog owners of some of the most famous “bad breeds” vehemently claim that bad dogs are made by their masters. Abuse can indeed lead to aggressive behavior, but the statistics don’t lie: some dog breeds are simply more dangerous than others.

The Americans seem to be behind in banning certain breeds of dangerous dogs. Many foreign countries consider certain breeds so dangerous that they have banned them for the protection of the general public. What is America missing? The fact that there are indeed bad dog breeds.

In many other countries bans on certain dogs are much more common than in the United States. What are the reasons for banning certain dog breeds? What is the purpose of the ban? Some animals are genetically predisposed to be aggressive because of their original purpose. Some types were originally bred to have certain characteristics that could make them good hunters or guard dogs, or they may have been used for fighting. While these traits may have been considered positive in the past, they can be downright dangerous in modern society.

Different countries react with a ban, while the same breed may be accepted and spread as a pet in another country. In Africa, bullmastiffs were once used to guard diamond mines. Today it is a very popular family protection dog, which is considered as gentle and fond of children. However, the Bullmastiff is prohibited in Denmark. A kind of mastiff was made popular in Harry Potter movies, but you have to undergo a psychological evaluation to own a mastiff in Romania. In Singapore they are forbidden. One of the most despised dogs is the Dogo, which is forbidden in more than 10 countries.

There is perhaps no more controversial dog type than the American Pit Bull Terrier. Pit Bull Terrier owners often claim that their pet is gentle, the best they ever had, and is terribly misunderstood. They often think that not the breed, but the owner and the way the animal is treated is to blame. Although a pit bull can be a gentle and simple pet, it is important to note that it is one of the breeds most often involved in deadly dog attacks.

Possession of a forbidden breed has an impact on its owner. Many cities and towns in the United States have special regulations regarding the American Pit Bull Terrier. Insurance companies refuse to offer owners insurance based on the type of dog present in the home. Insurance companies use statistics and do not want to run the risk of having to pay for a dog bite claim.

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