Male Or Female: Which Makes The Better Pet?

While the breed of a dog can influence your decision as to which dog is most appropriate for you, it is also very important that you consider gender. This is an important factor because male dogs have very different characteristics than female dogs, which means that the ideal animal is the one that meets your criteria. In this article you will find information about the characteristics of male and female dogs and the differences between the sexes.


Male dogs are generally more dominant and have a greater need for attention and affection. Although a bitch can also be quite dominant, she does not require much attention and her attention to human individuals can be quite inconsistent. This is not to say that bitches do not have emotional attachments and many bitches can be extremely affectionate; however, they prefer a distant relationship rather than a “sticky” dog ownership situation.

2.Training ability

It is generally accepted that a bitch is much easier to train than a male dog. This is due to the fact that bitches are much more stable and are less distracted during training. Male dogs are completely alternate in terms of training ability. This does not mean that males cannot be trained at all; it simply means that the male dog is more likely to remain playful and may have difficulty concentrating on the task at hand.

3.Child-friendly characteristics

In general, a dog’s ability to be a loving companion for children depends on the breed of dog, but it is also important to consider the general temperament of both male and female dogs. Regardless of breed, bitches are less likely to give a high level of affection, but they are more attentive and protective of children. Male dogs are also more protective, but they generally see the child as a playmate and do not act in an educational manner at all.

4.Castration and sterilization

Although spaying a male dog can be quite expensive, it is less expensive than spaying a female dog. If, like many people today, you are working on a limited budget, this should be taken into account when buying a dog. The difference in cost is due to the fact that sterilizing a bitch is a much more complicated procedure than sterilizing a dog. While it is true that sterilization and spaying are not always necessary, especially if you are planning to breed animals, they are highly recommended as they can reduce aggressive behaviour and eliminate the chances of reproduction.

The final decision

The search for the ideal house dog can be very complicated, but from the above information you can see that each sex has specific characteristics and temperaments. If you are looking for an active and attentive animal, it may be better to choose a male, but if you are looking for a more stable animal, it may be better to choose a female. There is no “best pet” when it comes to buying dogs, and the best option depends solely on your specific needs.

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