What Are the Most Dangerous Breeds of Dogs?

Are dogs too aggressive a product of their environment or is it simply in the nature of dangerous dog breeds to be violent? The answer is not simple, it is both yes and no. Many extremely aggressive dog breeds have earned their dangerous reputation for their apparent predisposition to violence and aggression. However, it is also useful to look at the education of puppies that end up becoming vicious dogs. Who are these extremely aggressive dogs? The three main breeds of dangerous dogs are

The American Pit Bull Terrier

Selective breeding has produced aggressive and dangerous dogs with incredible jaw strength and a rather destructive bite style called “hold and shake”. These characteristics were originally intended to help the dog inflict the worst possible damage when fattening bulls in the 18th century. Pit Bulls are known to inflict the most severe bites of all the slimy dogs on this list, and are by far the most serious injuries inflicted in a dog bite attack. Most fatal cases involve a Pit Bull at some level.


The Rottweiler is originally from Germany and can be an extremely dedicated and obedient goalkeeper. These dogs have been highly sought after since the early 1990s for home protection, in part because of their imposing size, dedication to family and intelligence. However, the bites from a Rottweiler can be particularly devastating, in part because of the size and strength of the head and mouth. The sad truth is that they often attack when they perceive a threat, real or perceived. Poor judgment on the part of the dog or a misconception can have deadly consequences.

Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman can be a very friendly dog and very loyal to its owners. Naturally aggressive dogs, Doberman Pinschers are easily driven to violence if they detect any hostility or aggression in people or other animals. Their natural tenacity allows the Doberman to attack and bite until their master calls them back.

These dangerous dog breeds are very prone to bite on a whim. If you or a family member has been bitten by a vicious dog, it is time to call a dog bite attorney. There is a statute of limitations, so it is important to contact a dog bite attorney as soon as possible.

Pain and suffering can be considerable during the recovery of a vicious dog, and the right dog bite attorney can help ease some of the burden. In the event of a bite, the first thing to do is to go to the nearest emergency room. Once the victim has received medical attention, the next call should be to a good dog bite attorney.

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